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BRAND NEW from Terrafirma are these amazing '4 Stage' adjustable steering dampers. An easy to operate knob controls compression and extension damping to suit different vehicle set ups, driving styles and road conditions, increasing the damping also reduces feedback from rough road surfaces exaggerated by larger tires, particularly effective at high speed and of course reducing the damping allows quicker steering action. 

Terrafirma 4 Stage Adjustables steering dampers are now in stock!!

TF833 for Defender and TF837 for Discovery 2.

Got a Discovery 1 or Classic Range Rover? No problem all you need Is TF527 relocation kit then you can fit any Defender steering damper in the far better and more protected position as on a Defender.

So why go adjustable?

Well, we all want different things from our Land Rovers and these 4 Stage Adjustable Steering Dampers allow you to tune the feedback you get through the wheel to your requirements. Got a days serious off-roading then dial up the damping to handle the harshest of terrain, got a blast up the motorway or some nice sweeping country road bends to get you home? No problem, just dial down the damping to get more feedback from the road and a quicker steering feeling.

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