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Bearmach +2" Extended Front Shocks for the Land Rover Discovery 2.

• Advanced control for a comfortable ride and precise handling.
• Multi-lip high pressure seals, preventing leaks, and designed to permanently seal the gas inside the shock.
• Heavy-duty twin-tube construction technology.
• Heavy-duty, reinforced, double-welded mountings for long term durability.
• Bearmach shock absorbers are ideal for standard or raised height Land Rovers.
• Severe Off Road Vehicle Compliant 4WD suspension components.
• Comes with heavy duty bushes and cup washers.

Extensively tested and proven over the toughest off-road terrain over a 3-year period. • Reduces roll of vehicle when turning. • Will help support some of the vehicle’s weight, while offering better control at higher demands and speeds. • Less prone to overheating. • 35mm sintered iron, one piece, PTFE banded piston. • DU® bushed (metal composite with steel back, sintered bronze & PTFE) bearing. • Disc valve system used in the piston & foot valve. • Bearing slip ring to provide immediate performance and no “bleed back”. • These shocks offer the best of both worlds with excellent on road handling and ride, with great off road performance. • Nitrogen gas pressurised – reduces shock fade – making shocks work longer and harder. • Designed with prolonged life expectancy.

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