Discovery 2 STD Height Front Shock Absorber

Discovery 2 STD Height Front Shock Absorber

Stock Code: DC6010
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Britpart Cellular Dynamic shock absorber

Code: DC6010


Standard lift


  • Discovery 2


Open/Closed Dimensions - 590/370mm*

The Britpart Cellular Dynamic Shock Absorber represents a significant advance in Land Rover suspension systems.It features a cellular foam insert instead of a normal nitrogen gas or air, this is to stop the oil from boiling. The foam takes up less room which means more room for oil, 50% more, which offers maximum heat dispersion.

This heat dispersion translates to a very subtle but controlled ride that will not fade no matter how hard you push them. They are ideal for a driver who needs more control to complement performance improvements or to enhance a standard vehicle. The unique design ensures ride comfort and cornering ability is maximised and of course they are superb off-road.

> Cellular technology tube
> Sintered 18mm rod
> Reinforced welded mounts
> Polyurethane bush
> Single piece eye ring
> Heavy-duty powder coating

*Open/Closed dimensions are +/-5mm

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