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Shower Solar with Temp Gauge 20L

A solar shower that consists of a heat insulating water bladder, hose, shower head and temperature gauge. Attached to a Roof Rack Shower Arm, this solar shower keeps even the most rugged outdoor adventurers in sanitary condition.
  • Four (4) ply water bladder: 1. Clear PVC; 2. Black PVC; 3. Thermal insulating foam; 4. Green rip-stop fabric.
  • The dark in colour water bladder absorbs the maximum heat from the sun and transfers that heat into the water.
  • Leave it out on your rack where it can get full exposure to the sun and you have water hot enough to shower with.
  • Keep track of your preferred water heat using the built in temperature gauge on the back of the bag.
  • Handy front pocket for soap and/or shampoo.
  • Velcro straps for any mounting solution.
  • Large filler cap.
  • Easy to use on/off shower head.
  • Purchase with our Rack Mount Shower Bracket for quick and convenient mounting.​

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