Terrafirma Portable Power Station

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Code: TF1740


Capacity: 32,500mAh / 14.8V (481Wh)


The Terrafirma Power Station and Solar Power Panel provide portable energy and solar power wherever you go. With 500w AC output, a built in ‘headlight’, 60w USB output and 240v AC and cigar lighter you have all your portable electrical requirements covered from one power source.

The Terrafirma Power Station is a rechargeable battery-power source equipped with AC outlet, 12v cigar socket, DC and USB ports to keep all your gear charged including cameras, phones, torches, laptops, as well as provide power to operate mini coolers, lighting, CPAP and other appliances.

The Terrafirma Power Station has a 481 watt-hour battery pack and pure sine wave power inverter. It features, control buttons, an LED information screen, 3 USB ports, 3 12v DC ports, cigar lighter socket and power input ports and all charging cables are included.

Designed for portability the power station is built into a rugged metal case with a sturdy carry handle. The power station can be charged from the mains or via 12v of from the optional Terrafirma Solar Power Panel. 

Capacity: 32,500mAh/14.8V (481Wh)
Input: Type-C 5V-20V 3A (Max 60W)
USB Output:
2 x USB-A 5V/2.4A (Max 12W)
1 x USB-A 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A (Max 18W)
1 x Type-C 5V-20V 3A (Max 60W)
DC Output: 3 x DC 12V/5A (Max 60W)
Cigarette Lighter: 12V/10A (Max 120W)
AC Output: 220V 50Hz (Pure sine wave)
Rated Power: 500W Max (Peak 700w)
Light: 5W LED
Operating Temperature: -10º to 40º
Recharge Temperature: 0º to 40º
Conformity: CE, RoHS & FCC

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