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Wildbear Suspension Hardware from Bearmach.

Pair of front relocation cones.
Suitable for Defender 90/110/130, Discovery 1 & RRC.

There is one thing key to safe and successful off-road driving, keeping your wheels on the ground.  In all suspension upgrades and replacements it is imperative to ensure you have the correct hardware for your installation.  Wildbear has a full compliment of hardware to be either fitted alongside the Wildbear springs and shock absorbers or added to your existing standard factory suspension.  Wildbear suspension hardware allows you to customise your Land Rover's suspension and therefore increase suspension travel and articulation.
Through product development, real world testing and technical feedback, Bearmach have ensured every Wildbear product is 'fit for purpose' allowing you to drive safer and further in all types of terrain, from recreational off-road to hard-core competitive use.  The range includes extended and lowered shock mounts and turrets, relocation cones, spring lifters and all necessary hardware including heavy duty turret rings and heavy duty 5mm spring retainers.  All hardware is zinc coated with Rogard 500 and then powder coated in Wildbear grey (turret rings and retainers are coated in Rogard 500)


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